What is thigh gap and can it be achieved?

What is thigh gap?

Thigh gap, whilst not a new obsession is one that still adorns the fashion headlines and remains a focal point for many who are fixated with the perfect, idealogical body shape. It is also considered by many as a representation of fragility and feminism. A thigh gap is the space between the inner thighs that when standing upright with the feet making contact with each other and the knees also.

The definition of this teenage and celebrity obsession is misconstrued in the press. We feel it’s important to deliver the the truth regarding the thigh gap myth. In short, thigh gap is naturally achieved by some due to the fact that they have wider hips. If  someone has wide enough hips, the gap between the legs appears naturally. Importantly, this gap has nothing to do with your weigth but more to do with the structure of your pelvis.

4 pelvic types

Thigh GapThe platypelloid pelvic shape is the wider of the 4 types and is the type that is most consistant with thigh gap. As you can clearly see, the shape of the platypelloid pelvis is more elongated and therefore easy to understand why someone with this pelvis would achieve thigh gap naturally.

Can anyone achieve thigh gap?

For some, despite their natural pevic shape, it can still be possible for them to achieve thigh gap. Various exercise regimes can help a the loss of fat from the inner thighs will definitely contribute to this being achieved. That being said, for others, thigh gap is impossible unless they resort to serious pelvic reconstruction surgery.

Only just the other day while scrolling the Facebook newsfeed of Diamond Lipo, we came across the following comment….

“So if your feet are together and your thighs don’t touch, that’s called a Thigh Gap.

What’s it called if your feet are 4 inches apart and your thighs still touch?”

Whilst we can see the element of humour in the comment, it really does just go to show that thigh gap is all down to personal preference and the physiological structure of an individuals body. For some, thigh gap is a desirable trait whilst for others, it matters no more to them than the time of day or the weather. What everyone must understand is that a wide thigh gap is by no means the norm.

The celebrity must have treatment of the decade

Thigh-Gap-PureCryo-Fat-Freezing-Sussex-Laser-Lipo-150x150Despite the physiological boundries, it is still possible to achieve thigh gap by undergoing a non-invasive fat freezing treatment. Louise Thompson, star of ‘Made in Chelsea’ is one of the latest celebrities to set out to achieve a ‘thigh gap’ in preparation for her appearance in channel 4’s ‘The Jump’. Louise recently had a fat-freezing treatment in London then shortly after tweeted “Feeling super skinny #thighgap coming alomg nicely”.

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