Colonic Hydrotherapy

Some may shudder at the very thought but there is no denying the many benefits that Colonic Hydrotherapy brings. The main 8 benefits that improve the body’s overall health and wellness include improved bowel regularity, resolved constipation, increased energy and mood levels, improved digestion, clearer skin complexion, boosted immune system, weight loss, body hydration and body alkalising.

When you visit us for a session of colonic hydrotherapy, your registered and fully qualified therapist will start by taking your case history and then take time to carefully explain the procedure. Should you have any questions at this stage, then we will do our utmost to answer them and you can rest assured that we will, at all times to our very best to preserve your modesty and personal privacy.

The procedure will take approximately 30-45 minutes. During this time, water will be gradually introduced to the colon via the rectum under low gravitational pressure. Your therapist may also use special massage techniques to assist your colon with releasing stored matter. Your therapist may also introduce the use of herbal and probiotic implants.

Following treatment, your therapist may provide you with dietary guidance that they deep beneficial for you in terms of enhancing the results. The number of sessions required depends on the individuals personal circumstances so we have to treat clients on a case by case basis. Some may require just one session while others may benefit from a course or treatments.

0% Finance Available on selected treatments. Any treatment with a value of £250 or more (in partnership with Omni Capital Retail Finance).