New Laser and Lipo Clinic – London

Almost one year ago, we embarked on a journey down to London in search of a suitable laser or lipo clinic to add to our brand. Having arranged a number of viewings of businesses that looked promising on paper, it was now time to see if any of these businesses lived up to our exacting requirments and high expectations. After sharing a car down the motorway to the BIG smoke, we checked into our hotel. We then wondered with great anticipation as to what the next day would bring as we struggled to go to sleep.

The next morning, we all met up for breakfast. Then feeling energised, excited and ready for the day, we headed for the first of many tube stations. Navigating the multi-coloured lines on the tube map we arrived at one viewing after another. Inspecting each premises was really time consuming and we found ourselves losing all hope as we ruled them out one by one. That was until we headed to Laserlife Clinic on Baker Street.

On arrival, we were greeted by the owner at the grand entrance. As we stepped inside, the clinical marble floors and plush furniture was very impressive. We then proceeded down a few steps into the main reception area and the grand tour then began. With over eight private and well equiped treatment rooms to view, we soon realised that aesthetically, this was shaping up to be our favourite viewing of the day.


Although this was primarilly a laser clinic, it possesed all the potential in the world to be a lipo clinic too. Also, this was the only clinic of all the viewings that was based in central London. In a nutshell, this potential lipo clinic was ticking all the right boxes. So once the viewing had ended, it was off to a bar for a well deserved drink to discuss all the viewings from that day.

The Verdict – Laser and Lipo Clinic on Baker Street

What was important here was that we discussed every business as a team and highlighted all the advantages and disadvantages for each one. Whilst this seemed like a one horse race, we left no stone unturned in discussing the other businesses we had viewed that day. However, the early signs couldn’t be ignored either.

As we drove back up north, the discussions continued. To play it safe, we decided to put an offer in on our favourite three businesses despite The potential lipo clinic on Baker Street being a clear favourite. Anything can happen in business acquisitions so this seemed to be the safest way to ensure we didn’t end up with nothing. In the coming weeks, it was finally whittled down to Laserlife Clinic on Baker Street and this is where things began to get serious.

Negotiations Begin

diamonds-of-baker-streetDue to the continued success of the Diamond Lipo brand within the Diamond Beauty Clinics group, we were very well placed to proceed with the offer on the laser and lipo clinic. However, plain sailing it was not. This proved to be one of the toughest acuisitions we had ever been involved in. Thanks to the perseverance of Neera and her accute negotiation skills, she was able to gradually reign the deal in. This involved one set back after another but it was simply a case of two steps forward, one step back.

Eventually, one year later, we found ourselves with the keys in our hands to our very own laser and lipo clinic, smack, bang in the middle of good old London town.

The Plan

With this marking the second aquisition for the Diamond Beauty Clinics group, we now have our work cut out with bringing it in line with the current Diamond branding. Eventually, we will change the name of the clinic to ‘Diamonds of Baker Street’. In addition, we will be introducing the Diamond Lipo treatments to the clinic to cater for the discerning clientelle in the central London area. This will involve lots of training for the existing team members at the laser and lipo clinic.