Grab your Copy of our Brand New Brochure

If you took time out to read our last blog post, you may remember us extending our thanks to Jo Briggs at Up For Grabs for the production of our new brochure. She has been instrumental in the design of our new brochure and has been a pleasure to work with during this design project. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her design services in the future.

After realising that we would be totally re-branding the salon, rolling out a new brochure was crucial. At the time, all we knew was that we wanted a classy looking brochure that would showcase our range of traditional and innovative new beauty treatments with a subtle elegance. So with that in mind, we issued our precise and exacting requirements to Jo and she got to work. Then over the course of the next 8 weeks, we watched as each page of our 30 plus page brochure was designed individually, and slowly pieced together.


The tricky part was ensuring all the treatments and prices mirrored the services offered on both the website and new online booking system. Even the photos used had to marry up with the relevant sections on the website. This was a painstakingly slow process but necessary in order to achieve the loo and feel we needed. No stone could be left unturned and Jo’s attention to detail radar had to work overtime.

Including the Team in the brochure

Another thing we were really keen to include in our salon brochure was a stylish team photo. We know we are very lucky to have a professional team of beauty therapists and we are extremely proud of each and every one of them. For that reason alone, we felt it only fitting to feature them all together in our brochure. So we called in professional photographer, Lee, and had her take a number of quality photos of the girls. She then converted them into black and white for us. Black and white is always a nice touch we think?

The Day of Delivery

After a lots of proof reading, numerous text and photo amendments, the final art work files were then sent off to our trusted printer, Robin Utracik at Northern Studios. Knowing that Robin always produces quality, we were very confident that the final result would be to our satisfaction. We were not wrong. The day of delivery was upon us and we have to say that neither Jo Briggs of Robin Utracik disappointed us. The brochure is simply stunning and far beyond our initial expectations. We’ve already had lots of positive feedback so hopefully, you will love it too.

Grab Your Copy Now

So say goodbye to the old brash brochure filled with ‘in your face’ advertisements and welcome to our classy new edition. We feel, the new brochure tastefully promotes our treatments, services and prices with the subtle elegance we initially asked for. So why not pop into the salon and grab your copy now. You can also download the brochure directly from our website if you simply can’t wait till you next drop by.