Fat Freezing Demo at Vogue Launch

As we entered the chiq new salon, for the launch of Vogue Hair and Beauty Lounge we were immediately greeted with bouncing tunes, a flute of champagne and a warm welcoming smile from the owner, Julie Duffy. She had been most generous in inviting Diamond Lipo along to the launch of her brand new salon in Liverpool City centre so we offered to provide a fat freezing demonstration. To add a little fun to the evenings events we offered to combine the fat freezing demonstration with the salons raffle by giving up a Free fat freezing treatment to who ever was lucky enough to have their ticket pulled from the hat.

We were overwhelmed with the level of interest our revolutionary fat freezing treatment, known as Lipo Freeze attracted with over 40 ladies participating in the chance to win a free treatment. During the course of the evening we found ourselves mainly sipping champagne while doing our very best to answer all the questions posed by interested guests at the launch.

It seems that despite Lipo Freeze being around for the last 2 years in the UK, it is still a largely unknown entity. We’re here to educate I thought!

The Livepool Echo were also in attendance so look out for the story in the press. No doubt their interpretation of the evening will be somewhat better than ours but we can only do our best based on our experience. All we can say was that the evening was a resounding success with well wishers coming from far and wide to offer their support for to this exciting new business venture.

Anyway, after all the questions regarding our fat freezing treatment had been answered it was time for the prize draw and our lucky winner was Michelle Prior. Michell was such a good sport that she was willing to have the treatment on her abdomen while onlookers watched the procedure taking place. It was fantastic exposure for Diamond Lipo and we are thank ful to Vogue Hair and Beauty Lounge for allowing the fat freezing demo to go ahead on what was a very important evening for them.

We’re hoping to become a regular attraction at Vogue and if the interest levels on the launch night are anything to go by then I can think of no reason why this wouldn’t work well at Vogue Hair & Beauty Lounge…. Can you?