Unlike shaving, which cuts the hair close to the skin, waxing removes the hair at its source, the root. With shaving, the hairs return after a day or so whereas with our professional waxing, you stay smooth for up to a full month. We use only the very finest oil based wax which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. We aim to be quick, thorough and precise to minimise discomfort but it is important to note that waxing does come with an element of pain. Our most popular waxing treatments include:
  • Men’s Full Intimate Wax
  • Men’s Back Wax
  • Men’s Bottom Wax
  • Men’s Chest Wax
  • Men’s Shoulder Wax

Lie back, relax and feel your all your stresses and strains melt away with either a shoulder and neck massage or a full body massage. Both of these massages are enhanced with the use of our hand-blended aromatherapy oils. Depending on your mood, our therapists will carefully select from our proven range of aromatherapy oils to further enhance your self-indulgent experience.

Go hard or go home you hear them scream on the pitch, no pain, no gain they shout in the gym. Well that’s all well and good but intense sport and exercise can take its toll on our muscles. Over time, our muscles take a battering and need to be soothed. With our deep and invigorating sports massage techniques you can quite literally feel that lactic acid build up being soothed away. Let us work our magic on those tired and over exerted muscles leaving them feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for your next personal best performance.

If you think a manicure is reserved exclusively for the ladies then you couldn’t be more wrong. Taking care of your hands and nails is important no matter what sex you are. We’re not talking French tips and Jessica Gel polish here. A simple file and buff to remove any jagged edges, scratches and dints is all that’s required. Followed by the application of a quality oil to leave them looking as good as new. Unkempt nails can be a big turn off so our Thai Manicure is perfect for sorting out the havoc wreaked on your hands and nails on a daily basis.

Using Alpha-Hydroxy Acids or AHA’s, that are specially formulated for the male complexion. If you’re like the majority of men out there who suffer with shaving rash and dehydrated skin then our luxury facial could be just what your face needs.
0% Finance Available on selected treatments. Any treatment with a value of £250 or more (in partnership with Omni Capital Retail Finance).