Ellipse Permanent Hair Reduction

Ellipse Permanent Hair Reduction

Ellipse is the latest technology in advanced permanent hair reduction. The treatment works by emitting variable beams of visible intense pulsed light (IPL) onto the skin. This light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and turns into heat energy. The follicle is heated to a temperature which alters the cells’ structure and providing the hair is in the Anagen growing phase, stops the hair regeneration. As the hair cycle varies on different parts of the body, and due to hormonal changes, the number of treatments required can vary from one client another.

Key Benefits of Permanent Hair Reduction:

hair-reduction-tick Up to 80% permanent hair reduction
hair-reduction-tick Remaining hair is finer and lighter
hair-reduction-tick No need to shave or wax again
hair-reduction-tick Virtually pain free treatment
hair-reduction-tick Experienced and fully qualified aestheticians
Face to Face Consultation
The purpose of the consultation is to understand the clients concerns which has led to their consideration for treatment. We then complete the IPL consultation form while assessing the clients skin type and checking for any contra-indications. We then discuss and document the areas for treatment on the consultation form.

The next stage is to advise the client about the difference between Lasers and Light Based Therapy (IPL). We explain how the light interacts with the hair to produce permanent hair reduction and why their hair can only be successfully treated in the Anagen growth phase. It is also necessary for us to indicate to the client why different areas of the body take longer to treat than others. This is normally due to hormonal infulences.

Ensuring the client has realistic expectations also forms part of the consultation and we like to advise the client of any possible adverse reactions or side effects. Taking time to explain the Pre and Post care procedures is extremely important and discussing the significance of our prior patch testing procedure is also covered. If at this stage, the client has no further questions, we summarise and sign off their consultation form.

Now we are in a position to carry out a patch test and document all the machine settings. Should there be no adverse reaction to the patch test, we would then book the client in for their first session of permanent hair reduction.

  • The light is reflected on to the surface of the skin
  • Light is then scattered in the skin
  • Light absorbed by melanin in hair and hair bulb destroyed


Single Session:

Patch Test (Redeemed against treatment price): £20.00

Centre Brow: £20.00

Ear Lobe: £20.00

Upper Lip : £40.00

Chin: £40.00

Upper Lip & Chin: £55.00

Jaw: £40.00

Jaw Chin: £50.00

Neck: £50.00

Half Face: £60.00

Full Face: £85.00

Side Face: £55.00
Patch Test (Redeemed against treatment price): £20.00

Under Arm: £70.00

Nipples, Navel, Fingers or Toes: £40.00

Bikini Line: £50.00

Buttocks: £80.00

Brazillian: £85.00

Hollywood: £100.00

Half Arm: £65.00

Full Arm: £110.00

Lower Leg: £95.00

Upper Leg: £95.00

Full Leg: £170.00


Patch Test (Redeemed against treatment price): £20.00

Centre Brow: £20.00
Patch Test (Redeemed against treatment price): £20.00

Back of Neck: £50.00

Upper Chest: £90.00

Chest and Stomach: £130.00

Upper Back: £120.00

Full Back and Shoulders: £180.00

Full Leg: £180.00

Full Arm: £120.00

Pre Treatment Advice

  • Do not expose skin to UV (sun exposure or the use of tanning beds) or self tan for at least 4 weeks before and/or between IPL treatments,
  • Do not depilate with waxing, plucking or threading (shaving or depilatory creams are acceptable) before and/or between IPL treatments,
  • Do not use bleaching creams, or perfumed products (e.g. aromatherapy oils) for 24 – 48 hrs before treatment sessions,
  • avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water immediately before an IPL treatment session,
  • avoid exfoliating, microdermabrasion or peels for 1 week before treatment sessions,
  • avoid wearing tight clothing when attending for treatment sessions,
  • keep the area clean and dry,
  • hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water and
  • protect the skin from sun exposure with suitable clothing and use of sun block SPF 30+ before first treatment and between subsequent treatment sessions but do NOT use sun blocking creams within 24hrs of scheduled treatments.
NB. Hot and humid weather conditions can aggravate skin in the period immediately before and after treatment. Immediately post-hair reduction treatments, effective skin cooling can be helpful. The use of ice or cooling gel packs, Aloe Vera gel etc., can improve skin comfort and reduce any swelling or post-treatment redness.

Post Treatment Advice

  • Do not expose skin to UV (sun exposure or the use of tanning beds) or self tan for at least 2 weeks,
  • Do not shave for 48 – 72 hrs after treatment
  • Do not depilate between IPL treatments (with waxing, plucking, threading or creams) unless advised by the operator to do so,
  • Do not use bleaching creams, or perfumed products for 24 – 48 hrs,
  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area,
  • avoid rough handling of the area treated,
  • leave any skin responses alone, these are temporary and will subside,
  • avoid very hot baths / showers / steam baths / sauna for 1 week,
  • avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water for 1 week,
  • avoid exfoliating or peels for 1 week,
  • avoid rough sports for 24 – 48 hrs,
  • avoid wearing tight clothing, jeans, trousers, tight underwear etc.
  • keep the area clean and dry,
  • hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water and
  • use of sun block min SPF 30+ and consider using protective cotton gloves for driving, a hat to protect facial areas and pants to protect legs from the sun.
Ellipse permanent hair reduction is a highly effective treatment that can reduce the hairs in the area of treatment by up to 80%. For best results, we recommend a course of 6-8 sessions. As an introductory promotion, we are pleased to offer a FREE session to anyone that purchases a course of 5 sessions.

Typical Results After Permanent Hair Reduction:

N.B. Individual results may vary from one person to another. Numerous factors can impact on an individuals personal hair reduction results.
0% Finance Available on selected treatments. Any treatment with a value of £250 or more (in partnership with Omni Capital Retail Finance).
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