Lipo Freeze Pro

Achieve instant inch loss after a single session of Lipo Freeze Pro…

Enjoy instant inch loss results after a single session

 Key Benefits of Lipo Freeze PRO:
Lipo-freeze-tick   Get instant inch loss results after a single session
lipo-freeze-tick    Free phone consultation with no commitments
lipo-freeze-tick    Target diet and exercise resistant fat
lipo-freeze-tick    Treat various areas of the body
lipo-freeze-tick    JANUARY SALE: 50% off all standard prices


Lipo Freeze PRO is our signature treatment and by far the most effective treatment for reducing fat non-invasively. It is actually a combination of Lipo Freeze and Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation. This smart pairing of treatments enhances and accelerates the results. We soon realised that by combining these two treatments, we could improve the overall result achieved than with Lipo Freeze alone. Often times, clients experience measurable inch loss immediately after treatment with ongoing results in the 12 weeks that follow treatment.

Free Phone Consultation

We highly recommend clients take advantage of our complimentary phone consultation. It enables clients to get their underlying questions answered and get medically qualified for treatment.

Face to Face Consultation

Prior to any Lipo Freeze treatment going ahead, clients are required to complete our consultation form in full. At this stage, the client’s body image goals are discussed and we take measurements of the areas being treated. We also take photos which are attached to the clients file. All data is recorded accurately and saved for future reference.


Lipo Freeze PRO is a combination of Lipo Freeze and Lipo Cavitation for enhanced and accelerated inch loss results. It is more effective than Lipo Freeze alone. Often times, clients experience instant inch loss with ongoing results in the 12 weeks that follow treatment. Immediately after a Lipo Freeze treatment, clients undergo a relaxing session of Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation. This treatment blasts the fat cells with ultrasound causing them to fracture and break off into smaller particles. This helps the immune system to breakdown the dead cells before they removed by the bodies lymphatic system.


Lipo Freeze is a highly effective treatment for destroying fat cells however, results rely heavily on a clients adherance to the aftercare procedure. Following treatment, the immune system will work to breakdown the fat cells destroyed by the treatment and subsequently remove them from the body. You are required to give your body a fighting chance by strictly following our aftercare guide.

We give all clients full guidance on the aftercare procedure. This involves drinking at least 2 litres of water each day to aid the lymphatic system. Although a strict exercise regime is not necessary, we do recommend some form of light exercise each day such as brisk walking. Adhering to the aftercare guidance ensures that the best possible results develop in the 12 weeks that follow treatment. Feel free to download and follow our aftercare guide to ensure you achieve the best possible results.


Lipo Freeze PRO is effective in the localised area of treatment. In just one 40 minute session, our clients can benefit from measurable inch loss. Individual results vary from person to person. In the 12 weeks that follow, clients can look forward to further improvements to their body contour and the effects of the initial Lipo Freeze treatment continue to work.

N.B. Please be mindful, results vary from person to person for a variety of reasons. Your age, size, gender, weight, metabolism, genetics, physical and medical condition, lifestyle and many other factors all impact on your inch loss results. We can not stress enough the importance of adhering to the aftercare procedure. In particular, your 2 litre water intake. For these reasons, Diamond Lipo can not guarantee your final results.

This is because we have no control over your actions once you leave the clinic. Please also be aware that should you begin taking any form of medication during the 12 week aftercare period, your results could be negatively affected. Please be patient when waiting to see a noticeable difference. Although if you reach the end of the 12 week period and you are unsure about your results, feel free to send us your measurements and we will be happy to send your original measurements for you to compare.

Typical Results 12 Weeks After Lipo Freeze:

N.B. Individual results may vary from one person to another. Numerous factors can impact on an individuals personal inch loss results.

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