About Us//

The home of Diamond Beauty, Diamond Lipo and Diamond Spa. Enjoy beauty without boundaries with our combination of traditional and innovative new beauty treatments.

We invite both Ladies and Gents to drop by so they can escape the daily pressures of life. Take time out, leave your worries at the door and let us soothe your senses.

Experience our extensive and enviable range of beauty treatments and therapies or perhaps just stop by for a friendly chat. We welcome anyone to pop in so they can enjoy a cappuccino, a glass of wine or simply take a seat whilst browsing our treatment brochure or magazine.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also indulge yourself in our state of the art body sculpting treatment range. Diamond Lipo specialise in non-invasive fat reduction and cellulite treatments and even colonic hydrotherapy. Our signature treatment, Lipo Freeze has recently taken the aesthetic world by storm and has now become the celebrity must have treatment of the decade.